Patient – 39 yo female with IBS, Fatigue, Brain Fog

happy girl
I completed a 30-day cleanse and liver detox under Dr. Wilkinson’s guidance. I was incredibly surprised at the end of the cleanse. Not only did my lab work improve, but I truly felt better. My head is clear, I have great energy and my stomach issues are gone. It is a simple plan to follow and maintain and I am looking forward to putting my renewed energy to good use.

– Jennifer K. – Peoria, AZ

Patient – 7 yo female with Juvenile Rheumatoid/Idiopathic Arthritis

happy girl
My daughter Lauren was diagnosed at age 5 with Juvenile Rheumatiod Arthritis. Over time, her condition slowly started showing signs of possible joint damage. At that point, we were faced with a decision to start her on a new injectable medicine [Enbrel] to combat the damage or stay on the same meds we were using for a limited amount of time and consult with Dr. Wilkinson for naturopathic treatment. We choose more time and Naturopathic medicine. Since her start with Dr. Wilkinson – Lauren has received significant results. Our decision to try to rebuild her immune system in attempt to combat the use of antibiotics, a new diet approach and the progression to certain supplements, including fish oil, have produced far better results than we ever could have imagined. Lauren is healthier and stronger than she has ever been and we have the Arthritis Health family to thank for that.

– Patient’s Mother – Scottsdale, AZ

Patient – 48 yo female with Chronic Back Pain treated with Prolotherapy

Water Skiing
I injured my back in a water skiing accident many years ago. Since that time, the sometimes nagging pain has progressed to ongoing pain in the middle of my back along my spine. I was a bit hesitant about needles and prolotherapy, especially injected near my spine, when Dr. Wilkinson recommended it but I gave it a try. WOW !!, I am amazed. The first day after treatment my back was tender, but on the second day after a single treatment my back pain was completely gone. It has been 2 months since my treatment and still, NO PAIN! Thank you Dr. Wilkinson, your prolotherapy treatment is a success and my back feels wonderful!

– Brenda B. – Dallas, TX

Patient – 17 yo female with Fibromyalgia

healthy teenager
My daughter, now 17, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when she was 14. Her symptoms of severe joint pain and excessive fatigue began in the 6th grade, but were attributed to growing pains and a low pain threshold. We were referred to Dr. Wilkinson in November 2007 to explore ways to increase Katherine’s energy level and reduce joint pain without taking Rx drugs. Dr. Wilkinson started her on a round of IV Meyers cocktail of vitamins and minerals, and by her third infusion she was noticing an improvement. Daily B12 injections followed, and Katherine now sleeps a restorative 9-10 hours; previously, she slept 16 hours feeling as though she hadn’t slept at all.

The dietary changes recommended by Dr. Wilkinson have also proved beneficial — for our whole family! Both parents have benefited from weight loss, and everyone feels more energetic and alert. Katherine’s mental clarity is returning as the fibromyalgia brain fog diminishes, and she feels the combination of IV infusions, B12 injections, and diet change have all significantly contributed to the reduction of her fibromyalgia symptoms. The joint pain is gone. Fatigue is minimal — naps are no longer a necessity. She can now do school work in the morning, instead of only in late afternoon when the brain fog used to lift slightly.

The brain fog had become so debilitating that Katherine qualified for homebound tutoring provided by our school district. She now looks forward to starting her senior year back at school participating fully in student activities. We greatly appreciate all Dr. Wilkinson has done to help Katherine’s return to health!

With sincere thanks to Dr. Wilkinson,

– The Patient’s Mother – Phoenix, AZ

Patient – 32 yo male with Chronic Ankle Pain treated with Prolotherapy

baseball slide
About a year ago I sprained my ankle sliding into a base playing softball. I went to my primary care physician who said that there wasn’t anything to be done for a sprain and I would always have problems with my ankle. As the months went by and the pain subsided I still occasionally felt insecure on my ankle. I mentioned it to Dr. Wilkinson and he informed me of prolotherapy. After the first treatment I noticed significant improvement in the strength of my ankle. So, I followed up with a second treatment and now my ankle feels almost as good as before the sprain. I am now able to run and jump without concern that my ankle will give out.

Thanks so much, it feels almost normal these days and I can do pretty much everything I could do athletically before the sprain

With Much Gratitude,

– Ben B. – Peoria, AZ

Patient – 84 yo female with Chronic Upper Respiratory Infection

healthy grandmother
I began working with Dr. Wilkinson several years ago for respiratory infections. It seemed like every 6 weeks I would get a cold that would go into my lungs and was often serious enough to put me in the hospital. I was put on rounds of antibiotics which seemed to help, but a month or two later I would get another cold and then a repeat infection. This went on for over a year and I never seemed to get truly well. When I went to see Dr. Wilkinson he talked about my body’s low immune function from chronic antibiotic use and the need to build up my immune system. He started me on a couple of supplements and talked about diet changes. I am happy to report I followed his instructions and have been free from infections and trips to the hospital for the last 2 years. It is hard to imagine something so simple can make such a difference, but it has and I have Dr. Wilkinson to thank for it.

– Betty H. – Santa Clara, CA

Patient – 46 yo female with Rheumatoid Arthritis

healthy lady
Dr. Wilkinson, in conjunction with Dr. Howard, has worked with me to evaluate my health plan. Dr. W listened to my concerns and problems with arthritis. His knowledge of the body and how food works is amazing. He made suggestions to change my diet to improve my health. He recommended dietary changes along with specific recommendations to remove dairy and tomatoes, and my inflammation and sluggishness disappeared in only a couple weeks. He also put me on vitamins and minerals.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for Dr. Wilkinson. I took his advice and followed his instructions. I took control of my health with his assistance. It is great having a doctor who really cares and is concerned about my health.


– Krista H. – Phoenix, AZ

Patient – 75 yo male with Knee Osteoarthritis treated with Prolotherapy and Cold Laser

active male
I have had worsening pain in my left knee from osteoarthritis. The pain became so painful that it was hard to walk up stairs. After a series of cold laser and prolo treatments I am nearly pain free. The improvement is so unbelievable that I am still caught by surprise when I walk up stairs without pain. Thank you for your treatment Dr. Wilkinson!!

– Charles W. – Phoenix, AZ

Patient – 73 yo female with Knee Instability treated with Prolotherapy

snow skiing
About 25 years ago I injured my knee while skiing. Ever since then my knee has not felt right. As I grew older my knee became unstable and felt like it waffled if I stepped on it wrong. I increasingly felt like I would fall if I wasn’t careful how I moved my knee. I went in to see Dr. Wilkinson and he told me he thought prolotherapy would help. I had 3 treatments over about 2 months and nearly all the weakness and instability of my knee is gone. I have gone in for an additional treatment about every 6 months and my knee continues to feel good. Thanks to Dr. Wilkinson I am moving with ease.

Thank You Dr. Wilkinson!!!

– Alice W. – San Jose, CA

Patient – 23 yo female with TMJ treated with Prolotherapy

smiling face
I have been suffering with TMJ for 10 years. I have seen a dentist that prescribed a night guard, which I wore every night with little to no results. After chatting with Dr. Wilkinson and explaining to him my situation, he thought that prolotherapy would greatly improve my pain. I was hesitant at first, because I am terrified of needles, but after thinking about it I realized I had no other options and nothing to lose. Getting over my fear was the best decision I could have made! I felt an improvement after the first treatment and after three my life has considerably changed. Thanks to Dr. Wilkinson I currently have much less pain in my jaw and vastly fewer migraines.

– Kellie B. – Tempe, AZ

Patient – 38 yo male with Chronic Elbow Pain treated with Prolotherapy

strong arm
I am a 38yr old male who was been weight lifting for over 22 years. I have competed in many Arizona strongman competitions and power lifting meets. Over the years of heavy weight training and multiple injuries, my tendons have become very sore, causing my workouts and strength to suffer. I have had two seperate series of prolotherapy on the tendons of both the right and left elbows. I have had greater than 80% relief from each series of prolotherapy. I truly believe prolotherapy has helped me heal quicker and drastically reduced the pain of my sports injuries. I am very greatful to have Dr. Wilkinson on my team.

– Michael D. – Scottsdale, AZ

Patient – 73 yo male with Osteoarthritis of the Thumb treated with Cold Laser

healthy senior
I have had chronic osteoarthritis pain in my left thumb that has worsened over the years. It caused shooting pains and affected my ability to use my left hand. After just 3 cold laser treatments with Dr. Wilkinson, the frequency and level of pain decreased by 75%. I found the treatments to be amazingly effective.

– Dan W. – Phoenix, AZ