As part of the naturopathic philosophy of Docere – Physician as Teacher – Dr. Wilkinson likes to keep his patients informed about and involved in their own care. Therefore, Dr. Wilkinson provides resources on a variety of health topics.

In the Books and Food & Health Documentaries pages under the resources tab you will find a variety of health related books and movies/documentaries that get you thinking about food and your health.

In the Articles & Blog page you will find interesting news items, articles, and information on many health topics that Dr. Wilkinson believes could be helpful for your care. All the information is categorized by topic. Dr. Wilkinson updates this regularly so check back often to read what is new.

In the Web Resources section web links are provided for sites that Dr. Wilkinson recommends for topics such as healthy recipes, details on specific types of eating, and other resources to help you understand what Dr. Wilkinson has recommended for your care.